Our team of trained recycling staff segregate and process all the re-usable materials in order to minimise the proportion going to landfill.

Out of all of the materials that we handle approximately 90% is reused, so typically only 10% cannot be re used in some way.

We are continuously developing new ways to recycle more.

 Listed below are just some of the materials that are extracted and recycled.


Rubble, Bricks & Concrete

Crushed and graded to produce secondary aggregate

Rigid and film plastics

Graded and repackaged for reuse

Plaster board and other gypsum based products

Graded and reprocessed as gypsum based products, cardboard and composted


Where possible graded and screened for re-use in landscaping and land remediation projects

Cardboard and paper

Sorted and reprocessed by the UKs leading paper mills


Graded and shredded for use in the manufacture of chipboard, animal bedding or as fuel in the "waste to energy" industry


Seperated and graded prior to re-smelting into useable metal sections

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

Dismantled and graded for reprocessing by specialist recyclers